POST /api/tenants/{id}/delete

Deletes a tenant along with all related Azure resources.


The method returns HTTP 202 and a reference to the job in the LOCATION header.


Parameter Description Additional information
id The id of the tenant to delete. Define this parameter in the url.
options Tenant delete options. Define this parameter in the body.


  "Backup": true,
  "CallbackUrl": "sample string 2"


Returns a job with information about the progress of the delete operation. Further calls to the jobs API can be made to get updated information about the status of the operation.


  "Id": "05c51ed4-c90a-4ed5-97ab-f754d1adc427",
  "Progress": 33,
  "Name": "Create Site",
  "Status": "Started",
  "Log": "Creating site...",
  "CallbackUrl": "",
  "Jobs": 9,
  "CompletedJobs": 3,
  "StartedAt": "2022-12-21T15:08:26.6579236Z",
  "EndedAt": null,
  "Duration": "11:26:00.0668035",
  "Timestamp": "20221221150826657",
  "Tenant": null,
  "CreatedBy": {
    "Id": -2,
    "Email": "Api"
  "HasEnded": false